FREE Recycling Containers

Does your company or office have lots of e-waste? Is it a big hassle to get your e-waste properly recycled? We have the solution for you: We offer FREE recycling containers which makes recycling in the workplace easy and convenient. Request your FREE recycling container below:

12 Reasons to use our FREE e-waste container service:

  1. Increase e-waste recycling efforts by up to 100%
  2. Zero cost (up to 10 containers per customer)
  3. No sorting needed, everything can go in one container, including alkaline batteries and printer cartridges
  4. The recycling containers are made out of durable plastic and can hold up to 500lbs
  5. Filled containers can easily be maneuvered with a regular hand truck
  6. Fits through a regular door (containers size 2′ wide x 3′ high)
  7. Comfortably fits in a regular elevator
  8. Can easily be maneuvered up or down stairs with our special hand trucks
  9. Containers can be loaded in our truck with or without a loading dock
  10. Reduces loading time by up to 70%
  11. Containers can be palletized, 4 will fit on a regular 48″ x 48″ pallet
  12. Easy online tracking
  13. Easy container swap-out requests system (schedule online or call 503 853 8691)
These recycling containers are ideal for IT departments, large offices, store rooms, retail stores, large churches, schools, warehouses, and computer repair shops to name a few. The container itself (2 feet wide by 3 feet high) is sturdy light weight (when empty) but tough enough to carry about 500 lbs. What makes them ideal is that they can fit through a regular door and can be easily maneuvered with a regular hand truck. They can also be palletized, (four of them will fit on a 48 x 48 pallet). Typical Uses: IT Departments in general do not recycle everything they could or should just because it’s not easy to recycle small electronic components if you only have one item. But if there is a dedicated recycling container they will always recycle. In the case of smaller IT departments the recycling rate might improve 100% . Data centers love our containers because they generate a lot of e-waste, and having a non intrusive dedicated recycling bin makes their lives so much easier. Large offices with lots of employees always need a place to dispose of their batteries, cables, and power supplies. Our recycling bins provide that place. Hard drives are always a problem to handle because of the weight. You can’t really put them in a box because they will be too heavy to pickup and boxes break apart if you stack them. Our recycling containers are ideal for hard drives. Warehouses are always looking for boxes to put stuff in. Our recycling containers can be palletized, which is a big time saver and very cost effective because they don’t have to be shrink wrapped. Retail stores can use our containers for their customers to recycle batteries or printer cartridges (fee may apply). Computer repair shops usually generate lots of e-waste and having a few of these containers in their stores can make the whole recycling process very easy. Large organizations find our containers very useful. This include schools, churches, colleges, corporations etc. In Summary:
  1. FREE Recycling
  2. FREE Pick-up
  3. FREE Recycling Containers
  4. FREE Data Destruction (when available – please call 503 853 8691)

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Maximum file size: 209.72MB

Please tell us how much stuff you have so we know which size truck to dispatch. A full truck load is approximately 1 room or 1 garage full of stuff

Ongoing Scheduled Pickups

Do you have a large cleanup project or generate lots of electronic waste on a regular basis? We have a easy solution, with our easy online system you can request recycling bins delivered to your business. No quantity limit.
This is for new and current customers. You can scale up or down as needed.
This is for new and current customers. You can scale up or down as needed.