Office Furniture Recycling

JunkComputer is your Local resource for office furniture removal in Portland Oregon and surrounding cities. Large and small items of office furniture can be donated, recycled, or trashed. Most office furniture are accepted free of charge depending on the condition of the item and often the size. This page provides information on recycling services and programs in your area to remove any unwanted pieces of furniture.

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Please tell us how much stuff you have so we know which size truck to dispatch. A full truck load is approximately 1 room or 1 garage full of stuff

Ongoing Scheduled Pickups

Do you have a large cleanup project or generate lots of electronic waste on a regular basis? We have a easy solution, with our easy online system you can request recycling bins delivered to your business. No quantity limit.
This is for new and current customers. You can scale up or down as needed.
This is for new and current customers. You can scale up or down as needed.

We dispose of non-saleable items in the most re-usable, recyclable and eco-friendly manner. We can advise you on any compliance issues and abide by any social awareness or environmental policy or strategy that you may have in place.

Corporate America is continuously downsizing or up-sizing. There is always the challenge of disposing your office furniture with a junk removal service in an environmentally friendly fashion. Unfortunately, unless your office furniture is really new, there is not much of a resale market. It is also very hard to recycle as well. This is due to all the mixed materials in furniture. One piece of furniture may have treated wood, metal, and plastic. These materials have to be separated before they can be recycled.