Recycle Computers in Portland Oregon

Recycle Computers in Portland Oregon

With the way technology is out-doing themselves year after year with newer, better, bigger and improved products for computer users, you can just imagine the amount of waste that is generated in Oregon alone when consumers upgrade along with the process.  There are no slowing down on technology. Each household may have up to four computers, with one or two computers being upgraded each year.  Now add to that computers and monitors from even a small business, the numbers add up very quickly. 

What is the problem with throwing computers, their monitors, TVs and the like away with the rest of our trash?  The main concern is that with CRTs and TVs they each contain approximately four pounds of lead per unit.  Lead cannot be biologically broken down and if it were placed in a landfill there is the possibility of the landfill becoming contaminated with the toxins from lead.  Lead poisoning has been associated with several health problems in children, including, learning disabilities and behavior issues and in some extreme cases, where high doses of the lead has been found, there have been reports of seizures, coma and even death.  There is always the risk of lead toxins seeping into a water source if left in a landfill and any results of lead poisoning are made even more tragic because they are so easily preventable. 

In addition to the lead in some household items like computer screens and TVs, the plastic parts of these items sometimes contain a component that is called, brominated flame-retardant that helps the item to be resistant to flames in case of a fire.  Unfortunately, while the exact results of exposure to this additive are undocumented there is sure to be some kind of negative result that it’s just better to steer clear of. 

In an effort to keep these potentially hazardous materials out of landfills there are many other options for ridding your home of older, outdated technology.  We here at Security-Tek make it easy to recycle your computer and or TV with our simple easy to schedule program. We receive older CRTs and TVs for recycling for a very small fee, click here to see our pricing for recycling. 

If you don’t live in Portland Oregon you can always ship your items to us. You can also check to see if your  town does not have a computer recycling program. Local TV repair shop or even an electronics retailer might be interested because they may be able to reuse what you want to throw out.  Even if a piece of electronic equipment can no longer be used for refurbishing an older model they can always be dissected and the individual components can be sold for their scrap value. 

No matter what the item is that you want to recycle, there is a way to do it, all you need to do is schedule online or make a phone call 503 336 1386 and you will have done your part to follow the recycling laws.